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Additional Lyrics Added:
Lonesome Valley
Rollin' Hills of Kentucky
When The Fields Are White With Daisies

When I'm With YouPDF
Words and Music by Joe LaMay

Friends like you - they don’t come easy
Too many times I’ve been let down
But you don’t have to try to please me
‘Cause I’m so free when you’re around

I like the way you say you love me
And let me know what’s on your mind
When I’m with you there is no other quite so true
It’s gonna last a long, long time

And I don’t ever have to worry
When I’m looking in your eyes
We’ve lots of time - there is no hurry
Let’s take it one step at a time


We’re moving in the same direction
That was so clear right from the start
The way you’re showing me affection
I cannot help but lose my heart


I’m wonderin’ ‘bout these thoughts I’ve told you
And hoping they’ll be yours in time
Fore in my dreams when I hold you
I feel your heart beat close to mine


©1988 Joe LaMay. Pressed For Time, BMI.
All rights reserved.

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Released on:
Flour City Folk
Late for The Meeting (1988)
Local Folkel Records

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