Between 1986 and 1992, seventeen recordings were released by Local Folkel Records. The owners of Local Folkel Records - Joe LaMay and Allen Power - had one goal in mind when they went national with their regional label. That goal was to help singer/songwriters produce albums of their songs and get them played on the radio. In no small part that goal was achieved. Local Folkel Records was a significant stepping stone in the careers of each of the artists represented by the label.

Some of these recordings are still available from the individual artists. If you have any have any questions about purchasing any of these recordings - feel free to contact:

Joe LaMay
PO Box 305
Somerset, KY 42502

25th Anniversary (1988-2013)
First time on CD!!!

Flour City FolkLate For The Meeting (1988 )
Originally released on LP only

Blue Mt. Sunrise - Al Power / The Makings Of A Cowboy - Diane Davis/ Dancing On A Fine Line - John Stevens/ Waking Up - Maria Gillard/ Mary - Ray Baumler/ Mama's Gifts - Pat Carey/ When I'm With You - Joe LaMay/ Summer Cold - John Stevens/ Key To The Past - Pat Carey/ Waiting For Isabella - Al Power/ Regardless Of The Lure - Diane Davis/ Song For Texas - Joe LaMay/ Stuck Inside My Calendar - Maria Gillard/ We'll Sing Together Again - Ray Baumler

Pat CareyKey to the Past (1991)
CD & Cassette

Key To The Past • The Road To Dunmore • Mama's Gift • The Bantry Girl's Lament • The Golden Street • All The Little Children • From Dublin To Liverpool • That's The Ticket • When You And I Were Young, Maggie • The Broom Of The Cowdenknowes • When New York Was Irish • The Ballad Of St. Ann's Reel

Dr. JoeTake Two Songs (And Call Me In The Morning) (1991)
Cassette only

It Ain't Over 'Til Milli Vanilli Sings • Cold Showers • The Talkin' Runnin' Shoes Blues • Soon We'll Be Drivin' Iraqi Cars • A Wee More For Seymour (RRR-rated) • If I Could Only Get Rid Of Those Roaches • I Saw My Roomate On America's Most Wanted • The Bonnie Broken Banks Of Rhode Island • It's Hard To Find A Napkin In Nashville • Ballad Of George Burns' Doctor • The 29¢ Stamp Song • If You Do That, I'll Shoot Ya!

Dennis DoughertyPony Ride (1991)
CD & Cassette

Lonely Side Of Town • There's No Cowboys In My Life Anymore • The Last Pony Ride • Lord It's A Powerful Thing • Stream At The End Of My Street • Paulina • A Pocketful • Breakdown And Cry • What's A Father For? • Sweet Country Waltz • Good Old Country Song • More Than My Share

Barry DowSimple Days (1992)
CD & Cassette

Break The Fall • For Lovin' You • Stormin' Heaven • Bullet Proof • Oncoming Train • Awake Again • Urban Folk Tale • The Best I Could • Simple Days • Brand New Song • Beach Town • Goin' Away

Maria GillardSnapshots (1989)
LP & Cassette

New Hampshire Morning • Laura • Waking Up • Teresa McKinley & Mary Brown • It's Bound To Happen • Stuck Inside My Calendar • Easter Morn • A Tune That Mama Loved So Well (Mama) • The Gillard Family • Good Night My Darlin'

Hull-House RevivalSongs of New Horizons (1989)
Cassette only

Song Of New Horizons • Flowers Are Red • Drinking Gourd - Harriet Tubman • Lullabye • Singing For Our Lives • The Master Of The Sheep Fold • The Heart Of The Appaloosa • Old Hundred • The Dutchman • The Life That Ought To Be

Hull-House Revival (1991)
Cassette Single only

Mideast Images • Lonesome Valley

Hull-House RevivalLetter From America (1992)
CD & Cassette

Letter From America • Belfast In My Tears • Red Is The Rose • Banks Of Marble • Names • Chat With Mom • The Birth • Light Of My Own • Lonesome Valley •Lady Of The Harbor • Home To San Carlos • Captain's Apprentice • Never Eat Leftover Lizzard • People Like You • What Will I Leave?

Steve KeyNew Hope (1990)
CD & Cassette

The Brother You Never Had • Desperado Sister • Letters You Didn't Send • Portland Rain • Life Goes On • Departures • First Guitar • The Investment • Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant • New Hope

Steve KeyRecord Time (1992)
CD & Cassette

Welcome To My Real Job • Sale-ing • Somebody Still Cares • I'm Gonna Ride • Home Is The Place • Bottle Of Courage • Demon Java • Other Streets, Other Towns • If My Wheels Skid In The Rain • Take Me Out To The Hearings • Shoeless Joe Jackson • Change For You • Record Time

Joe LaMay Pressed For Time (1986)
LP only

Normal / David K. • Song For Someone • Sandy Beach • Political Science • Comin' Home To Say Goodbye • You're A Big Girl Now • Evenin' Breeze • Steal You Away • For The Evening • Far From Me • Not Fade Away • Rollin' Hills Of Mexico • Farewell My Crazy Love

Joe LaMay Behind The Wheel (1991)
Cassette only

Home By Morning • On A Quiet Morning In Spring • Drag Queen Blues • When I'm With You • Singing Just For Friends • The Setting Sun • Why Does Love Make You Stupid? • Angel In Your Eyes • Song For Texas • Steal You Away • The Sun Shines In Wisconsin • Comin' Home To Say Goodbye

Bernice LewisOpen Lines & Signals (1991)
CD & Cassette

My Life • Dead Egyptian Blues • Sad Movies • Pure White Heart • Your Backroads • Woman Who Sings • Break This Circle • I Need A Wife Too • Row • Commercial Love • Yule's Song

John MichaelsWeather The Storm (1991)
CD & Cassette

On Jenny's Street • Long Summer Nights • Gino's Bar & Grill • Love You Ever Still • Learning Something Every Day • The Ida Knoe • Just A Country Singer • It Ain't Flyin' • Alberta Bound • One Too Many Times • Cowboy Bill ( A Children's Song) • There's Going To Be A Game Tomorrow • Weather The Storm

Allen PowerJoin The Song (1988)
LP & Cassette

Russian River Green • A Child Is Born • Waiting For Isabella • A Smile For Me • Tonight We Will Sleep With The Stars • Love's Fire • Blue Mountain Sunrise • Mary • Folk Festival Blues • Hawk In The Texas Twilight • Join The Song

Anita SilvertRainbow Earth (1991)
Cassette only

Rainbow Earth • Fall, Fall, Fall • Little Pieces Of Frozen Water • Earth's Lullaby • Spider In My Tent • Habitat • Reduce What You Produce • Springing • Will The Earth Be There For Me? • I'm On Vacation • It's My Earth Too