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You love hearing live music and we make our living playing music. Why don't we do a house concert?

A house concert is literally a concert in your home. It's a great format where both audience and artist alike get to experience an intimate concert in a listening room setting that is comfortable for all.

There is little advertising necessary and admission price can be whatever you and we agree upon - we suggest $10 per person.

The main thing required from you is having the space to host it, and inviting your friends and neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. 

We love doing this kind of show and it can either be just a concert, or you may choose to combine it with a potluck. 

We can do the show in your living room or other large room. Attendance can run between 25 and 40, so if you have a good sized room, say 12' x 15'' or larger, we're in business. Just move the furniture around and you can get a lot of bodies in a space that size. One of the charms of house concerts is their inherent intimacy.

Typically, your audience will be people you know or friends of theirs. You may choose to keep the show completely private as well and only have it open to your own invitees or you may open it up to our email list and make it public.

Make up some postcards, put together an email list, create a facebook event - or all of the above - containing the concert information. Give a description of the music, date and time, how much the admission price will be, whether you're planning a potluck, hors d'oeuvres, etc. Include your phone number for reservations, and directions.

The great thing about email is that you can send several reminders regarding the show, reservations, etc.

On the day of the concert, set up the "stage" area for the performers in your concert room, arrange the seating facing the stage. It may be good idea to ask folks to bring a folding chair.
Our concerts typically consist of two sets of music of about 45 minutes each with a short break between - about 20 minutes - so that people can stretch their legs, chat, have refreshments, visit the bathroom, purchase CDs, etc.


At the break you might want to have light refreshments on hand, things like coffee, tea, sodas, chips and dip, etc. You can also ask a few friends to bring home-baked goodies as well.

After the concert, enjoy good food and conversation! Encourage folks to buy CDs and get on the artist's mailing list. And if you plan to host more shows, have a mailing list of your own!

Let's talk about putting on a concert together!

Download our House Concert Info printout!

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